Pfizer Recalls Birth-Control Pills

    Registered nurse Sharon Cassady holds the traditional pill, at a Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey clinic in Shrewsbury, N.J., Wednesday, March 17, 2004.  Several pending bills in the state Legislature would require insurers who provide prescription drug benefits to pay for contraceptives as they would for antibiotics or other medications. If a version is approved, New Jersey would join 21 other states in passing what supporters call "contraceptive equity" legislation. Similar bills also are pending in other states.  (AP Photo/Daniel Hulshizer)

    Daniel Hulshizer / AP Photo

    Birth-control users, beware:  Pfizer, the world’s leading drug company, recalled 1 million packs of birth-control pills in the U.S. after discovering that they might not prevent pregnancy. The company recalled 14 lots of three different generic brands—Lo/Ovral-28, Norgestrel, and Ethinyl Estradiol—after an investigation found some packs might contain incorrect daily dosages. In a statement on Thursday, the company said that the pills posed no health risks to women but nonetheless urged consumers to “begin using a non-hormonal form of contraception immediately.”

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