Huntsman Girls: CPAC Rejected Us

Phelan Ebenehack / Reuters

What will we miss most about Jon Huntsman? His daughters, that’s what. They brought a level of flash and fun his campaign could never match.

Jon Huntsman’s daughters, the famed @Jon2012Girls, said Friday that they were not invited to the annual conservative gathering in Washington, CPAC, but a CPAC spokesman said Saturday that they would be happy to “contemplate” inviting Mary Anne, Abby, and Liddy Huntsman. “For everyone wondering if we made it to CPAC this year, the answer is no,” they tweeted. “We didn’t quite make the list. #CPACdoesn’twantyourcommentary.” Al Cardenas, a spokesman for the American Conservative Union, which hosts CPAC, said his organization never received a request from the Huntsman daughters to attend. “Have them contact us, and we’ll be happy to contemplate the possibility,” Cardenas said.