Prosecutors Suggest Jail for Berlusconi

    Italian former premier Silvio Berlusconi talks on a cellphone as he leaves his house during a break of the Berlusconi Mills trial, in Milan, Thursday, Dec.22, 2011. Silvio Berlusconi appeared in a Milan court on Thursday to listen to his former British tax lawyer David Mills being questioned at the ex-premier's corruption trial. Berlusconi is accused of paying David Mills 600,000 dollars to provide false evidence about his business activities in a corruption trial dating back to the 1990s. ( AP Photo/Luca Bruno)

    Luca Bruno / AP Photo

    Which Berlusconi trial is this one? The former Italian leader has six cases pending against him in the Milan courts currently, and the prosecutor in the case involving tax fraud isn’t taking it lightly. Fabio De Pasquale recommended on Wednesday that Berlusconi serve five years in prison for paying a British lawyer $600,000 to lie about the former prime minister’s tax evasion and other financial cover-ups involving his media holdings. A statute of limitations is due to expire on the case in July, meaning a verdict must be reached before then. Berlusconi stepped down from office in November amidst the financial downfall in Europe.

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