Roman ‘Gladiators’ Scale Colosseum

    Men dressed as gladiators protest inside Rome's Colosseum, Friday, April 7, 2012. Their protest came three days after city police fined the fake gladiators for offering payed services without authorization. Some tourists gladly pose for photo, then are dismayed when the costumed men demand money. The fake gladiators insist they perform a popular service and that their costumes evoke the atmosphere of ancient Rome. (AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito)

    Pier Paolo Cito / AP Photo

    A centurion’s gotta do what a centurion’s gotta do. Fake gladiators clambered their way up the Colosseum Sunday to protest new restrictions that prevent them from taking photos with tourists for money. Three days ago, police in Rome fined the costumed combatants for providing a paid service without proper authorization. But since when does a gladiator ask permission? The crackdown is intended to restore a sense of gravity at the ancient site where Roman blood lust was put on full display. But if the Colosseum teaches us anything, it’s that the people love a show, and the gladiators have taken up arms, albeit fake ones, against the ban.

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