U.S. Troops Help in Hunt for Kony

    U.S. Army special forces Master Sergeant Eric, center, who would only give his first name in accordance with special forces security guidelines, speaks with troops from the Central African Republic and Uganda, in Obo, Central African Republic, Sunday, April 29, 2012. Obo was the first place in the Central African Republic that Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) attacked in 2008 and today it's one of four forward operating locations where U.S. special forces have paired up with local troops and Ugandan soldiers to seek out Kony. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

    Ben Curtis / AP Photo

    He’s out there, and they’ll find him. American special-forces units are using their advanced equipment and training to help African troops hunt down Joseph Kony, who directs his band of child soldiers from the jungles of the Central African Republic. In the dense, hostile jungle, American troops working closely with African forces say that they see signs that Kony’s hold on his fighters is weakening, and the rebel commander has been forced to recede farther into the jungle. As for pressure from back home, one American official told The New York Times, “Did ‘Kony 2012’ have something to do with this? Absolutely.”

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