‘Falling Bear’ Killed by Cars

    This Thursday, April 26, 2012 photo provided by the CU Independent shows a bear after it was tranquilized by Colorado wildlife officials on the campus of the University of Colorado Boulder, Colo. The bear had climbed a tree on the grounds of one of the university's dorm complexes. Colorado University police spokesman Ryan Huff said the bear was likely 1-3 years old and weighed somewhere between 150-200 pounds. (AP Photo/CU Independent/Amy Leder)  MANDATORY CREDIT

    Amy Leder, CU Independent / AP Photo

    A bear made famous a week ago by a photo of it falling tranquilized from a tree on the campus of the University of Colorado was killed by two cars, authorities confirmed Friday. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials confirmed that the 280-pound black bear was the same by checking an identification tag clipped to its ear after the bear was relocated 50 miles from the university. The April 26 photograph of the bear falling from the tree into a pad prepared by wildlife officials was taken by Colorado University student Andy Duann. “It’s a bummer,” Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill said of the accident.

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