Donor Warned Obama of Edwards

Gerry Broome / AP Photo

In this April 23, 2012, file photo, former U.S. Sen. and presidential candidate John Edwards arrives at federal court in Greensboro, N.C. for his criminal trial for allegedly violating campaign finance laws. Andrew Young, once an aide and good friend to Edwards, testified on Wednesday, April 25, that the former senator stopped returning his calls in January 2008, as Edwards was ending his White House bid. The next month, Edwards' child, Frances Quinn Hunter, was born to his mistress, Reille Hunter.

A donor to John Edwards’s 2008 presidential campaign warned Barack Obama’s campaign against considering Edwards as a running mate because of the Rielle Hunter affair. Tim Toben, a developer in Chapel Hill, N.C., testified that he told the Obama campaign about the affair in June 2008, once Edwards told him that he was being considered as Obama’s running mate. Toben said that he felt Edwards’s affair would have “destroyed” the Democrats' chances at winning the election. Toben had helped Hunter disappear from North Carolina after the press had learned her identity. He claimed he did it as a “big favor” to Edwards.