1. Leaked Memos

    Vatican Denies Cardinal Suspected

    A priest holds a cardinal's cap as Pope John Paul II presides over his New-Year mass for the World Day of Peace in St-Peter's basilica at the Vatican, 01 January 2005. The Pope turned his thoughts to countries affected by the "terrible calamity" in Asia, where massive tidal waves have claimed more than 125,000 lives.  AFP PHOTO/PATRICK HERTZOG        (Photo credit should read PATRICK HERTZOG/AFP/GettyImages)

    Patrick Hertzog / AFP-Getty Images

    Mamma mia. The Vatican denied that a cardinal is a suspect after Italian newspapers reported Monday that the papal butler arrested last week for leaking sensitive Vatican documents may have received substantial help from an unidentified higher authority. Paolo Gabriele, a member of the pope’s personal staff, was detained Friday after Vatican investigators allegedly found documents from the Holy See in his apartment. After the 46-year-old butler was detained, insiders said that they found Gabriele’s involvement in the case confusing. On Monday, a Vatican spokesman said that media pressure would not cause the Curia, the pope's administrative body, to rush its investigation.

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