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    Police: Remains ‘Sent From Montreal’

    A police car arrives at the Moabit jail in Berlin supposed to carry  Luka Rocco Magnotta who is to be brought before a judge in Berlin, Germany, Tuesday, June 5, 2012. Luka Magnotta, 29, a Canadian porn actor suspected of murdering and dismembering a Chinese was arrested on Monday at an Internet cafe. A cafe employee recognized Magnotta from a newspaper photo and flagged down a police car. (AP Photo/dapd/ Paul Zinken)

    Paul Zinken, dapd / AP Photo; inset: Berlin Police / Reuters

    Police in Vancouver said Wednesday that two packages containing human remains found at local schools were “sent from Montreal,” connecting them with the grisly dismemberment case of Luke Magnotta there. Magnotta is suspected of killing his lover Jun Lin before fleeing to Europe earlier this month and being arrested Monday in Berlin. Tests confirmed that the body parts, a hand and a foot, belonged to Lin. The packages contained a human foot and hand, the missing body parts in the Magnotta case. “They were the limbs we were looking for,” Police Commander Ian Lafreniere said. Mr. Lin’s head remains missing. Lafreniere said the post was traced back to Montreal and that both packages contained notes. Police also said Wednesday that they had obtained video of Lin's killing and his body being dismembered.

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