Egypt's Parliament to Meet Tuesday

    CAIRO, EGYPT - JUNE 29: Egyptian women sing chants in Tahrir Square prior to the first public speech by Egypt's President-elect Mohammed Morsi on June 29, 2012 in Cairo, Egypt. Accompanied by Egypt's 'Presidential Guard', Morsi made his first post-election appearance in Tahrir Square where he took a symbolic oath of office in front of supporters. Morsi is due to be officially sworn into office on Saturday by Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court. (Photo by Ed Giles/Getty Images)

    Ed Giles / Getty Images

    Egypt's parliament is set to meet on Tuesday, after President Morsi ordered the body to reconvene. The parliament will meet in spite of the Supreme Court's ruling on Monday, which called the decision to dissolve parliament last month "final and not subject to appeal." Parliment speaker Saad al-Katatni explained that the lower house would sit at noon on Tuesday and that the body plans to discuss "how to implement the court ruling." One European diplomatic source said, "The test will come when we see how the soldiers guarding the parliament building behave when MP's try to convene."  

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