Woman Killed by Hugging Cop

Mike Householder / AP Photo

One hug at a Detroit house party went from friendly to fatal when a woman accidentally triggered an off-duty cop’s gun. The police officer had been hosting a fish fry at his Detroit home when he began to dance with 24-year-old Adaisha Miller, who hugged him from behind and accidentally set off his gun, which fired and killed her. While the incident has been explained as an accident, Miller’s mother told the Detroit Free Press that she’s heard several versions of what happened before her daughter died and asks why the officer had “a weapon with a round in the chamber” at his own party. One gun-safety expert weighed in, conceding that shifting the officer’s waistband could have pulled the gun out of his holster, which could have made him instinctively push it back down. “If something got caught on trigger, it could have fired,” she explained. The prosecutor’s office is determining whether any charges can be pressed.