Rathbun: Cruise Kids 'Indoctrinated'

Newspix / Getty Images

Tom Cruise’s former Scientology auditor says he believes church officials used their doctrine to turn Cruise’s kids against their mother, his ex-wife Nicole Kidman. In an interview with NBC’s Rock Center, airing Thursday, Marty Rathbun said “it was more than implied… [Kidman] was somebody they shouldn’t open up with, they shouldn’t communicate with, they shouldn’t spend much time with.” Rathbun said he spent countless hours with Cruise at the church’s celebrity center in California starting in 2001, conducting the counseling sessions known as “auditing.” When Cruise and Kidman’s two kids, Connor and Isabella, were with Cruise, they were really at the hands of the Scientology staff, being “indoctrinated,” Rathbun said. After Cruise and Kidman’s divorce, their kids lived primarily with Cruise and now-ex-wife Katie Holmes.