Philippines Wary of Chinese Ship

    China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) naval frigate 'Mianyang' steams through the swell as it approaches Sydney Harbour on September 20, 2010. The ship visit follows on from recent visits to Australia by senior members of the PLA, when Australia and China agreed to a range of practical cooperation measures aimed at deepening defence ties.  AFP PHOTO / Torsten BLACKWOOD (Photo credit should read TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

    Torsten Blckwood, AFP / Getty Images

    According to the Philippines, a Chinese warship is getting a little too close for comfort. The nation claims that a frigate from the mainland nation is sitting 70 miles off their country’s western coast. According to China, the ship experienced an accident this week and is currently stuck. Six other Chinese ships have surrounded the vessel, presumably to mount a rescue. This isn't the first maritime spat: The two countries locked horns earlier this year after the Philippines accused Chinese fishermen of poaching in its territory.

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