1. Afghanistan

    Suicide Attack Kills 3 NATO Troops

    A US soldier of the 501st LABND Military Police Platoon speaks to a local Afghan resident in the village of Dzan Kila, Buwri Tana district in Khost Province, on August 7, 2012.  Western politicians keen to get their troops out of an increasingly unpopular war regularly talk up the ability of the Afghan army and police to cope on their own, but there is widespread fear of a multi-factional civil war once they leave. AFP PHOTO/ Jose CABEZAS        (Photo credit should read Jose CABEZAS/AFP/GettyImages)

    Jose Cabezas, AFP / Getty Images

    A suicide bombing killed three NATO troops when it struck a patrol in Afghanistan’s eastern Kunar province. NATO did not provide the nationalities of the troops who were killed. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and said that two insurgents drove vehicles with explosives into the NATO patrol and killed 17 troops. NATO disputed that figure, adding that only one suicide bomber has been confirmed so far and that he was on foot. The Taliban often claim wildly high death tolls in their attacks.

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