Egypt Kills 7 Militants

    Egyptian security forces stand by their Armoured Personell Carriers ahead of a military operation in the northern Sinai peninsula on August 08, 2012. Egypt, which launched air raids against Islamist militants in Sinai for the first time in decades, faces a tough enemy that has used the peninsula's rugged terrain to evade capture in the past. The military said it deployed Apache helicopter gunships in the strikes that killed 20 "terrorists" in the Sinai village of Tumah, in retaliation for a weekend ambush that cost the lives of 16 soldiers. AFP PHOTO/STRINGER        (Photo credit should read STRINGER/AFP/GettyImages)

    AFP / Getty Images

    After demands that the country beef up its security in Sinai, Egypt says it has killed seven militants in the region Sunday. They are the first killings to result from a crackdown in the Sinai Peninsula that began a week ago. The country has been under pressure from Egyptians as well as from politicians in Israel after 16 members of the Egyptian armed forces were killed by militant gunmen a week ago near the border with Israel. Troops from the Israeli armed forces killed those gunmen. Egyptian sources said that the militants on Sunday fought back against government troops with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades.

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