1. Evacuation

    U.N. Observers Leaving Syria

    Residents of the Syrian village of Treimsa gather around the vehicles of UN observers upon their arrival to investigate an attack on the village, where more than 150 people were killed this week, in the central province of Hama on July 13, 2012. A variety of weapons were used in the attack on Treimsa, with the homes of rebels and activists bearing the brunt, UN observers said. AFP PHOTO/D. LEAL OLIVAS        (Photo credit should read D. Leal Olivas/AFP/GettyImages)

    D. Leal Olivas, AFP / GettyImages

    The last United Nations observers left in Syria are preparing to leave on Saturday, as their official mission ends Sunday at midnight. Most should be out of the country within hours. There were about 300 observers in the civil-war-torn country at the peak of the mission earlier this year; that number is down to about 100 now. Conditions for the mission's possible extension—including ending the Syrian government's use of heavy weapons—have not been met, and the U.N. plans instead to open a small liaison office to continue peace efforts.

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