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    Security Surrounds Plane in Amsterdam

    An ambulance is seen in front of a passenger plane  from Malaga in Spain at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, Netherlands, Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2012. News website Nu.nl reported that the plane was escorted to Schiphol on Wednesday by two F16 fighter jets and that the plane is from carrier Vueling. Dutch media now say that the passenger plane from Spain to Amsterdam was not hijacked. (AP Photo/Cris Toala Olivares)

    Cris Toala Olivares / AP Photo

    Security forces have surrounded a plane at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport after military police said that a suspected hijacker was on board. Two F-16 fighters were reportedly sent to intercept the Vueling flight, which was traveling from Málaga. But Dutch officials say that there was a miscommunication and that no hijacking took place. The incident came on the same day that authorities discovered a World War II–era bomb buried near the airport’s busy Terminal C, resulting in the closure of Terminal C, Terminal D, and one landing strip. The bomb will be taken away and dismantled.

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