1. Eurodrama

    Euro Plans Lead to Discord

    President of European Central Bank Mario Draghi listens to questions as the Euro logo is reflected in his glasses during a news conference in Frankfurt, Germany, Thursday,  Sept. 6, 2012, following a meeting of the ECB governing council concerning the further strategies in the European financial crisis. (AP Photo/Michael Probst)

    Michael Probst / AP Photo

    The excitement couldn't last forever. The unlimited bond-buying plan announced by the European Central Bank on Thursday to much fanfare is already meeting with criticism. Political and media reactions in the crucial country of Germany were scathing, some even accusing the bank of forcing debt on euro-zone members. Meanwhile, the two main beneficiaries of the plan, Spain and Italy, seem reluctant to ask for help—even if eventually they have no choice but to seek aid, fearing domestic reactions to the economic strings attached to any money they receive from the bank.

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