Alps Shooting Survivor Out of Coma

    A picture taken on September 7, 2012 shows the emergency unit entrance at CHU Hospital, in Grenoble, French Alps, where the two daughters of a British-Iraqi family are staying after a shooting on September 5, near the French Alpine village of Chevaline. Four-year-old girl Zeena al-Hilli, who survived the shooting has confirmed the identity of her father, mother and grandmother killed in the attack, the prosecutor in charge of the case, Eric Maillaud said today, and would not be able to provide further assistance in the probe into the shooting which also killed a passing cyclist and will be returned to England soon, told a press conference here. AFP PHOTO PHILIPPE MERLE        (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE MERLE/AFP/GettyImages)

    Philippe Merle, AFP / Getty Images

    A 7-year-old girl who survived the mysterious shooting that claimed the lives of her mother and father woke from an artificial coma Sunday. Four people were killed in the shooting in the French Alps on Wednesday, and police continued searching the house of the family who seems to have been targeted in the attack. Among the possible motives police said they were exploring is a family argument over money. British and French police continue their investigations and said they will question the young girl, who survived the attack with her sister, as soon as she is able to answer them.

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