Obama Raises $181M

    FAIRFAX, VA - OCTOBER 05:  U.S. President Barack Obama waves during a campaign event in the Center form Performing Arts at George Mason University's Fairfax campus October 5, 2012 in Fairfax, Virginia. After a lackluster debate performance against Republican presidential nominee and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney October 3, Obama's campaign was bouyed by Friday's jobs numbers which showed a drop in the unemployment rate from 8.1 to 7.8 percent.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

    Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

    When you have money like this, who needs a good debate? The Obama campaign snatched $181 million in September, crushing its fundraising record for 2012. It’s also more than anything Mitt Romney raised this season—though he hasn’t released his September numbers. This cash bump and the unemployment dip are good news for Obama, who pundits say “stunk” in the debate against Romney. Ninety-eight percent of the money came from small donations of less than $250. It looks as though voters were energized by the Democratic National Convention. Well done, Bill.

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