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    Scientist Keith Campbell Dies at 58

    FILE This Tuesday, Feb. 25, 1997 file photo shows seven-month-old Dolly, the genetically cloned sheep, looking towards the camera at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland. Keith Campbell, a prominent biologist who worked on cloning Dolly the sheep, has died at 58, the University of Nottingham said Thursday Oct. 11, 2012. Campbell, who had worked on animal improvement and cloning since 1999, died last Friday  Oct. 5, 2012, university spokesman Tim Utton said. He did not specify the cause of death, only saying that Campbell had worked at the university until his death.   (AP Photo/Paul Clements, File)   UK OUT

    Paul Clements, File / AP Photo

    Cell biologist Keith Campbell, 58, died on Friday at his home in England. Campbell and a colleague were the first scientists to successfully clone a mammal from an adult animal. That mammal was, of course, Dolly the sheep, born in Scotland during the summer of 1996. The experiment proved what many had thought impossible: that cells from an adult animal can produce a viable clone. It also caused controversy and resulted in multiple countries banning the cloning of humans. But why a sheep? Campbell was a pragmatist, saying that "sheep in Scotland are very, very, very cheap."

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