Ginger White Writing Cain Tell-All

    Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain speaks during the annual Tax Cut Rally, sponsored by the Taxpayers League of Minnesota, at the Minnesota State Capitol, Saturday, April 28, 2012, in St. Paul, Minn. (AP Photo/Genevieve Ross)

    Genevieve Ross / AP Photo

    Will it outsell Rielle Hunter? Herman Cain’s former mistress Ginger White says she is writing a tell-all about her time with the onetime Republican presidential candidate. White said she hopes the book will help Cain “to be a little more honest with his wife, because the details that I share, only she would know.” White acknowledged that she was receiving “all this help from Herman Cain”—up to $6,000 a month—but she emphatically declared she is not a “hooker.” Cain ended his bid for the Republican nomination for president in December amid allegations by White and several other women that he had extramarital affairs and amid accusations of sexual harassment against several women.

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