1. UH-OH

    North Korea Satellite Unstable

    North Korea leader Kim Jong Il's son Kim Jong Un, left, stands with a general during a massive military parade marking the 65th anniversary of the communist nation's ruling Workers' Party in Pyongyang, North Korea on Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010. This year's celebration comes less than two weeks after Kim Jong Il's re-election to the party's top post and the news that his 20-something son would succeed his father and grandfather as leader. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

    Vincent Yu / AP Photo

    Perhaps North Korea should leave space exploration to the rest of the world. U.S. officials have announced that the satellite-type object North Korea sent into space Thursday is “tumbling out of control.” Well, that’s reassuring. Officials are also unsure what exactly the spacecraft is supposed to do, though North Korea claims it is meant to orbit pole-to-pole. The launch has been widely criticized (even by the country’s main ally China) and the United Nations has called the launch  a “clear violation” of U.N. resolutions.

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