Smugglers Shoot Drugs With Cannon

    YUMA, AZ - MARCH 16:  Rugged mountains rising east of the flat farmland of the Colorado River basin provide more remote and dangerous alternative routes for illegal immigrants and smugglers to travel north into the US on March 16, 2006 near the border town of near San Luis, south of Yuma, Arizona. As Congress begins a new battle over immigration policy, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) border patrol agents in Arizona are struggling to control undocumented immigrants that were pushed into the region by the 1990?s border crack-down in California called Operation Gatekeeper. A recent study by the Pew Hispanic Center using Census Bureau data estimates that the United States currently has an illegal immigrant population of 11.5 million to 12 million, about one-third of them arriving within the past 10 years. More than half are from Mexico. Ironically, beefed-up border patrols and increased security are reportedly having the unintended result of deterring many from returning to their country of origin.  (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

    David McNew / Getty Images

    The next act for the circus? U.S. Border Patrol agents said Tuesday that they had seized 33 cans of marijuana in a field where the Colorado River crosses the Arizona-Mexico border. Apparently the were launched through a cannon. The 85 pounds of marijuana seized has an estimated street value of $42,500.

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