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    Cross-Dressing Robber Kills Friend

    This undated photo provided by Suffolk County police shows Aston Barth. Prosecutors on Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2012 say Barth, 33, killed his friend and next-door neighbor Jason Campbell, tried to cut his head off with an ax and hid the body in his bedroom closet for nearly a week while keeping relatives and acquaintances at bay. Barth was being held without bail after pleading not guilty. (AP Photo/Suffolk County Police)

    Suffolk County Police/AP

    A Long Island ex-con has been arrested after admitting to killing his friend and leaving him in a closet for nearly a week. Aston Barth of Central Islip, N.Y., admitted to strangling his friend Jason Campbell during an argument last week. He then attempted to dismember the body with an ax, but only cut him at the neck before putting a garbage bag over Campbell’s head and stuffing him in a closet where his body was discovered on Christmas Eve. Barth had previously been arrested in 2007 for robbing a bank dressed like a woman.

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