Venezuela Cancels New Years

    FILE - In this Oct. 9, 2012 file photo, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez pauses during a press conference in front of a portrait of independence hero Simon Bolivar, at the Miraflores palace in Caracas, Venezuela. Chavez has asked his country's legislature for permission to travel to Cuba for more medical treatment after spending much of the past 18 months fighting cancer. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd, File)

    Rodrigo Abd / AP Photo

    Will a “global outpouring of love” heal Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez? That’s what his recently-designated political successor called for as the country’s leader suffers “new complications” following his fourth cancer operation. In the meantime, Venezuela has canceled its New Year's celebration out of respect for its ailing leader. Vice President Nicolas Madura said Chávez was fighting a respiratory infection in the wake of surgery, adding that his condition is “delicate” and his current treatment is “not without risks.” Chávez’s allies have reportedly discussed the possibility that death or illness may prevent him from swearing in for his third six-year term on Jan. 10.

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