Jewish Counselor Gets 103 Years

    Prominent Orthodox leader Nechemya Weberman (center) at State Supreme Court in Brooklyn after being found guilty of 59 counts of sexual abuse. The conviction of a prominent member of Brooklyn’s Satmar Hasidic community on 59 counts of sexually abusing a schoolgirl stands as an important use of the criminal law in a defiantly insular culture. A jury credited her description of Weberman as a predator, and it rejected his claim that she had accused him in revenge for a scheme to have her boyfriend charged with statutory rape. Based on the evidence, the finding appeared a well-justified conclusion for which punishment must, and will, be severe. That said, had the jury acquitted Weberman, the case would still have been a landmark. On its own, trying him established that the law will be equally and fairly applied to all.
L-R: Defense Attorney Michael Farkas, Nechemya Weberman, defense attorney George Farkas.
(Photo By: Jesse Ward/NY Daily News via Getty Images)

    New York Daily News

    A well-known religious counselor in New York's ultra-Orthodox Jewish community was sentenced to 103 years in prison for sexual abuse. Nechemya Weberman, 54, was convicted of 59 counts of sexual abuse and child endangerment on December 10, including the sexual abuse of a young girl he was counseling for over three years. The female victim, who is now 18, gave an emotional speech during the sentencing, describing herself as a "sad girl" who tried to live a normal life but instead was "forced to perform sickening acts again and again." Weberman maintains his innocence and turned down the offer to speak at Tuesday's sentencing.

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