1. Scary Sightseeing

    Man Tasered at Buckingham Palace

    Image #: 21060595    A cornered off area containing knives, a hat and Taser wire outside Buckingham Palace in central London after a man was been Tasered by police.       PA PHOTOS /LANDOV

    John Fahey/PA, via Landov

    Talk about a terrifying sideshow. A man holding a large knife to his throat during the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace on Sunday morning was tasered by police when he ran at them wielding two knives. The two six-inch blades and a pair of trainers (that’s Brit-speak for sneakers) were left inside the cordoned-off area where the incident took place, just 30 yards from the palace gates. Thank heavens Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were at Sandringham Estate.

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