Twitter and AmEx: Pay With Hashtag

    Jen Mosher poses with eight of her nine pairs of Croc shoes, Wednesday June 21, 2006 in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Mosher, a graduate student seeking her Ph.D. in biology from the University of Alabama, often wears the shoes because they are comfortable, fairly cheap and give good support, she said. "I like the fun colors, and I'm known for wearing crazy, bright outfits." (AP Photo/ Michelle Williams)

    Crocs. (Michelle Williams/AP)

    It’s one small step for Twitter, one huge leap for social media. The online social-networking site announced plans to allow its customers to purchase products online in two steps, both of which are as simple as tweeting a hashtag. The plan—a collaboration between Twitter and American Express—will direct members who sign up to buy items in two quick steps. The first, by tweeting an @AmexSync hashtag, the second, waiting for a confirmation hashtag from AmEx itself. Customers must then simply tweet out the confirmation hashtag, and sold! AmEx sends an email to confirm within 15 minutes, and your brand new lime-green Crocs are suddenly en route. Products will be available beginning Wednesday morning.

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