Oberlin Campus on High Alert

    A student walks past rows of bicycles outside Oberlin (Ohio) College's new science center, Monday, Oct. 7, 2002. At Oberlin College is a new $65 million science complex, built to replace a cramped, 40-year-old building.  (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

    Mark Duncan/AP

    In the wake of a recent flurry of racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-gay hate speech and vandalism at Oberlin College, two students were removed from campus last week, though one told The Oberlin Review on Wednesday that he is not responsible. The group of perpetrators is thought to be small, but reports of menacing conduct toward student organizers have continued even after the two students were removed, raising fears that new offenders are being inspired to action. Additionally, one student claims to have found Ku Klux Klan–related materials on campus in the weeks before Monday morning’s sighting of a person dressed in KKK robes at the college, but says school officials told her to keep the incident to herself.

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