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    Nevada Mulls Pot Legalization

    FILE - In this Dec. 6, 2012, file photo, a person holds a freshly rolled marijuana joint just after midnight at the Space Needle in Seattle. A political generation ago, the West signaled the nation's rightward swing -- from the emergence of Ronald Reagan to the success of tax limitation ballot measures in California and Colorado. But now the fabled expanse of jagged peaks, arid deserts and emerald coastlines is trending in a different direction. From Washington state -- where voters in November legalized marijuana and upheld the legality of gay marriage -- to New Mexico, once a hotly-contested swing state that Republicans ceded to Democrats in the presidential campaign, the west has become solidly Democratic terrain. The coastal base states of Washington, Oregon and California continue to move further to left, while the hotly-contested swing states east of the Sierra Nevada are trending more and more toward the Democrats.(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, File)

    Ted S. Warren/AP

    Wait, there are still illegal activities to do in Nevada? Not for long. Nevada might be the sixth state to legalize marijuana. On Friday, Las Vegas Assemblyman Joe Hogan plans to introduce a measure that would legalize marijuana possession. "We've wasted a tremendous amount of money spoiling teenagers' lives, chasing them around until we can arrest them for something," Hogan said. "And marijuana is not just a harmless plant. The medical benefits are remarkable." The state already allows the drug to be used for medical purposes.

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