Scientists Confirm Higgs Boson

    A graphic showing traces of collision of particles at the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experience is pictured with a slow speed experience at Universe of Particles exhibition of the the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) on December 13, 2011 in Geneva. Scientists at the CERN believe they have identified the location of the Higgs boson, a elusive subatomic particle that is thought to be a basic building block of the universe.  AFP PHOTO / FABRICE COFFRINI (Photo credit should read FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)

    Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty

    OK, for real this time, guys. On Thursday scientists announced that they are confident that an elementary particle discovered in July 2012 was most likely the elusive Higgs boson. The European Organization for Nuclear Research’s July 4 announcement of the discovery thrilled the science world, ending a decade-long hunt for what came to be known as the “God particle.” Scientists say a gray area that remains lies in determining whether the particle was the simplest form of Higgs or an “exotic” version. A meeting on the topic in Italy points toward the simply theory. Insert your own pope joke here.

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