1. Hosanna!

    Pope Francis Makes His Entrance

    VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - MARCH 17:  Pilgrims gather holding their country's flags as Pope Francis delivers his Angelus prayer and blessing to the thousands gathered in St Peter’s Square on March 17, 2013 in Vatican City, Vatican.The Vatican is preparing for the inauguration of Pope Francis on March 19, 2013 in St Peter's Square.  (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

    Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

    Catholics rejoice! Up to a million worshippers have gathered in Vatican City's St. Peter's Square to witness the ceremonial inauguration of the new pope, Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio. After receiving a woolen stole with six red crosses on it and the ring of the fisherman, Pope Francis will give a homily, hold Mass, and perform the Eucharist and communion. The Vatican has said that the Mass will be a simplified version of the 2005 installation of Pope Benedict XVI and will contain gestures to both Eastern rite Catholics and Orthodox Christians as a sign of church unity. Yesterday, Francis met with Argentine president Cristina Hernandez in a cordial meeting, despite their previous disagreements on the issue of gay rights.

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