1. Landmark

    Colorado Gov. Signs Gun Control Bills

    Sponsors and family members of victims watch as Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signs control bills into law at the Capitol in Denver on Wednesday, March 20, 2013. The bills, which place new restrictions on firearms, thrust Colorado into the national spotlight as a potential test of how far the country might be willing to go on new restrictions after the horror of the Newtown and Aurora shootings. (AP Photo/Ed Andrieski, Pool)

    Ed Andrieski/AP

    Gun control may have suffered a setback yesterday when the Senate dropped the assault-weapons ban, but Colorado has forged ahead with its own law. Governor John Hickenlooper signed the legislation--a landmark move in the historically gun-friendly state--which places limits on the size of ammunition magazines and expands background checks for firearm sales. "Colorado is in a unique position in that we have suffered these tragedies firsthand, so there is a drumbeat in Colorado," said the state's Senate President John Morse.

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