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    North Dakota Passes Fetus Personhood

    DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 03:  Drew Hymer of Arvada, Colorado stands on the street corner displaying a sign in support of Personhood prior to the Presidential Debate at the University of Denver on October 3, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. The first of four debates for the 2012 Election, three Presidential and one Vice Presidential, is moderated by PBS's Jim Lehrer and focuses on domestic issues: the economy, health care, and the role of government.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

    Doug Pensinger / Getty Images

    The Right to Life movement scored a major victory Friday when North Dakota became the first state to pass a fetal personhood amendment. The measure, which passed 57-35 in the State House of Representatives, grants legal personhood rights to embryos at the moment of fertilization. The amendment is not law yet—it will appear on the November 2014 ballot for voters to rule on whether it will pass. If accepted, the measure will ban all abortions in the state, with no exceptions in the case for rape, incest, or risk of life to the mother. Several forms of birth control could have their legalities questioned as well.

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