Egyptian Students Protest Food Poisoning

    In this Monday, April 1, 2013 photo, hundreds of al-Azhar university students angered by a mass outbreak of food poisoning at the university hold signs and chant slogans as an ambulance carrying a poisoned student passes through the crowd in Cairo, Egypt. Hours later, the students stormed the offices of the country's top Muslim cleric, who presides over the institution. The Monday outbreak at al-Azhar University forced the hospitalization of 479 students, health ministry official Khaled el-Khateib said. It occurred after a meal served at the university dormitories in Cairo's Nasr City district. The signs in Arabic read, "down with the administration of negligence," and "the corrupt group in the university." (AP Photo/Mostafa Darwish)

    Al-Azhar university students protest on Monday. (Mostafa Darwish/AP)

    If you're homesick for your college cafeteria, this should help. Hundreds of students protested in Egypt on Wednesday after nearly 500 students from Al-Azhar University in Cairo were admitted to the hospital with food poisoning. A senior Egyptian health minister said on Tuesday that the poisoning occurred after a meal was served at the dormitories on Monday, but students insisted this was not the first case of food poisoning at the university. Students demanded “clean food” as well as the dismissal of the head of the director of the dormitory. The university, meanwhile, issued a statement warning the students not to “exploit” the incident.

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