1. The Iron Lady

    Margaret Thatcher Dies at 87

    ***MANDATORY CREDIT David Montgomery/Getty Images***
British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, circa 1985. (Photo by David Montgomery/Getty Images)  (Photo by David Montgomery/Getty Images)

    David Montgomery/Getty

    Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher has died. Her spokesman, Lord Bell, confirmed that the 87-year-old groundbreaking politician passed away after suffering a stroke Monday morning. Thatcher became Britain’s first female prime minister in 1979, leading the country and its Conservative Party for 11 years with a notorious fierceness that earned her the nickname the “Iron Lady.” It was a stroke that ultimately prompted Thatcher to retire in 2002, after which she continued to suffer strokes and kept a very low profile in the last few months of her life.

    The former British prime minister suffered a stroke Monday morning.
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