GM Pulls ‘Offensive’ Ads

    The logo for General Motors decorates the entrance to a former UPS facility as GM announced plans to open an information technology center in the building that would create about 1,000 jobs, Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013, in Roswell, Ga. The move is part of a larger push by the automaker to hire up to 10,000 technology professionals over a three- to five-year period to produce GM software and other electronic applications in-house, as opposed to buying the products from outside companies. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

    David Goldman/AP

    Dear GM, it is 2013, not 1938. Just getting that out there. The car company is pulling ads that featured a recording from 1938 that referred to China as the “land of Fu Manchu,” where people say “ching ching, chop suey.” The ads have already been running in Canada since the beginning of April and were also posted on Chevrolet’s European website. The ads were going for a 1930s nostalgia feel. Unfortunately, folks, that’s not really going to inspire people to buy American.

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