Now Hiring: Hipsters

    A music fan with tattooed arms listens to a concert in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The show is part of the illegal rock festival held in August 2002.

    Mark Peterson/Corbis

    Need a job? Hurry, hipster yourself. An ad agency in Pennsylvania called Pavone is getting up close and personal with its job posting: it wants hipsters. “We’re outside New York and DC so we don’t have Hipsters,” the company confesses. “All we have is an office with major clients, real opportunities and easy commutes.” While the job description neglects to include what the actual work entails, it makes sure to again clarify that the current employees are not “actual Hipsters” (yeah, we got it). The company is at least smart enough to admit that finding hipsters will be tough, considering that “Hipsters never admit they're Hipsters.” Ready, set, Catch-22.

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