Company Halts ‘Ghetto’ Tours

    A young man runs under an elevated section of subway tracks in The Bronx borough of New York.  A company that offered tourist treks to the Bronx "ghetto" has shut down under scathing criticism from neighborhood leaders offended by the tours that took mostly European and Australian tourists past food-pantry lines and "pickpocket" park. But other New York companies continue to show visitors,  many of them foreigners who know of the Bronx only from movies, the grittiest part of the city's poorest borough.

    Richard Drew/AP

    A tour bus company in New York has announced that they will “cease all tours” to the Bronx after they inflamed residents by selling it as a “ghetto tour.” The company, “Real Bronx Tours,” catered to a European crowd, offering a $45 trip that included a visit to the South Bronx—where they assured customers they would remain a “safe distance” away from the people. The company told riders that the Bronx represents “one of the darkest chapters” of the city’s history. Angry Bronx residents say it's a false claim. “Those days are over, the Bronx is being rebuilt, it's rising again," said Bronx resident Bobby Sanabria.

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