U.S. ID’s Americans Killed by Drones

    (Inset) This undated image posted on the website of the Federal Bureau of Investigation shows Jude Kenan Mohammad, an American citizen killed in a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan in 2011 who was arrested by Pakistani authorities three years earlier but escaped after being released on bail, according to officials on Thursday, May 23, 2013. The Obama administration revealed Wednesday that Jude Kenan Mohammad died in a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan’s tribal region, making him the fourth American citizen killed by unmanned aircraft in Pakistan and Yemen.

A Navy X-47B drone does a fly by the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS George H. W. Bush after it was launched off the coast of Virginia, Tuesday, May 14, 2013. The plane isn't intended for operational use, but it will be used to help develop other unmanned, carrier-based aircraft.

    Federal Bureau of Investigation/AP; Steve Helber/AP

    Just before President Obama made his public defense of the U.S. drone program, Attorney General Eric Holder sent a letter to Congress explaining that, since 2009, four Americans have been killed by U.S. drones and only one of them—Anwar al-Awlaki—was specifically targeted as a terrorist. The names of the other three had previously not been disclosed. Abdul Rahman al-Awlaki was Awlaki’s son, Samir Kahn the publisher of the Awlaki-edited Inspire magazine, and Jude Kenan Mohammed was one of the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted. In the letter, Holder clarifies that the decision to target Awlaki was “subjected to an exceptionally rigorous review” that was personally approved by Holder and other lawyers from the Justice Department.    

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