1. Lettuce Pray

    Study: Vegetarians Live Longer

    The gardener's lament: you work hard for a good harvest, but often your work gets wasted because there's too much at one time to eat. Even when you give it away, much food often spoils or goes to waste. Now there's a fresh new solution: FoodSaver(R) home vacuum packaging systems by Tilia.  These easy-to-use appliances keep food fresh three to five times longer and prevent freezer burn by removing air from special bags and containers, then keeping it out. (PRNewsFoto/Tilia)


    As it turns out, the secret to immortality is...Brussels sprouts? In a study published earlier this week in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers revealed findings that vegetarians are 19 percent less likely to die of heart disease than meat-eaters. The study followed 73,308 members of the vegetarianism-promoting Seventh-Day Adventist Church for nearly six years, tracking what kind of diet each member ate, as well as how many participants died during the study and how. In addition to the heart disease figure, 12 percent fewer vegetarians died overall. They also experienced a lower incidence of diabetes and kidney failure. Bring on the greens!

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