Kabul Airport Attackers Killed

    Afghan security forces stand guard at the site of a suicide attack near Kabul military airport in Kabul on June 10, 2013. All seven militants who launched an attack on June 10 on Kabul airport died in the assault, Afghan police said, adding that no civilian and security force casualties had yet been reported. "There were seven assailants -- two (suicide bombers) died detonating themselves and five others were killed in fighting," Mohammad Ayoub Salangi, chief of Kabul police, told reporters.    AFP PHOTO/ SHAH Marai        (Photo credit should read SHAH MARAI/AFP/Getty Images)

    Shah Marai/AFP/Getty

    After several hours of fighting, Afghan security forces killed five insurgents who shelled NATO headquarters at Kabul airport overnight with rockets and gunfire. The militants took cover in a five-story building under construction near the airport, forcing officials to halt flight operations. The Afghan police sealed off the building and cleared each floor while U.S. Black Hawk helicopters circled overhead. Two other insurgents were killed when they detonated their explosive devices, but there were no civilian or military casualties. Meanwhile, Afghan authorities were blaming the Taliban for beheading two boys in Kandahar. The Taliban denies any involvement in the killings.

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