U.S. Horse Slaughter Back On

    FILE - This April 15, 2013 file photo shows Valley Meat Co., which has  been sitting idle for more than a year, waiting for the Department of Agriculture to approve its plans to slaughter horses.  Federal officials have granted the southeastern New Mexico company's request to open a horse slaughterhouse, adding Friday June 28,2013 that they plan to grant similar permits to operations in Iowa and Missouri. (AP Photo/Jeri Clausing, File)

    Jeri Clausing/AP

    Those so hungry they could eat a horse just might get their chance soon. The USDA has given a New Mexico plant the all-clear to start up a slaughterhouse for horses. It's the first of its kind since Congress effectively banned the practice 7 years ago. The OK was granted despite public opposition fueled by concerns over public health and animal welfare. The Humane Society released a statement that read in part, "Slaughter plants have a history of polluting their communities and producing horse meat that is tainted with a dangerous cocktail of banned drugs...We intend to hold the Obama administration accountable in federal court for this inhumane, wasteful and illegal decision." Two more slaughterhouses are slated for approval next week, but they will still have to be inspected before they become operational. 

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