1. Standoff

    Troops 'Clear' Cairo Mosque

    Anti-Mursi protesters and riot police officers gather outside al-Fath mosque at Ramses Square in Cairo August 17, 2013. Egyptian authorities rounded up more than 1,000 Islamists as the Muslim Brotherhood leadership defiantly called a week of nationwide protests starting on Saturday after a day of carnage. After Friday's bloodshed in which more than 100 people died in clashes that pushed Egypt ever closer to anarchy, tensions were high with supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohamed Mursi in a Cairo mosque where bodies had been taken during the violence, while security forces were stationed outside. REUTERS/Louafi Larbi (EGYPT - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST)

    REUTERS/Louafi Larbi

    Egypt security forces have "cleared" a Cairo mosque after a two-day standoff with protestors, arresting many of the demonstrators inside. Earlier, troops stormed the al-Fath mosque where over 700 Morsi supporters had barricaded themselves on Saturday, one day after 173 people died nationwide in clashes between protestors and government forces. Witnesses describe troops firing tear gas into the building. Those inside were being offered safe passage if they submitted to investigation in an army camp—however, those inside insisted on such investigations being conducted inside the building, prior to leaving. Meanwhile, the military-backed interim government has proposed a plan outlawing the Muslim Brotherhood's political party.

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