Nyad Attempts Cuba to Florida Swim


US swimmer Diana Nyad (R) gets ready to swim in a three-day non-stop journey from Havana to Florida at the Ernest Hemingway Nautical Club, in Havana on August 31, 2013.

On her fourth attempt to swim the 103-mile stretch from Cuba to Florida, 64-year-old Diana Nyad was stung nine times by poisonous box jellyfish (including once on the tongue). So of course she’s trying again! But this time with a silicone face mask to protect her from stings. If she makes it, she’ll be the first to cross the Florida Straits without a shark cage, flippers, or wet suit. Updates on her blog report that although she’s feeling a little weak, she’s “doing well and her Voyager escort crew feeling upbeat; glad the storms didn’t materialize.” The swim is expected to take up to three days. She started out yesterday on what she says will be her fifth and final attempt.