Puppy Weighs Same as Banana

    Kim Passero thinks her Yorkshire terrier puppy, born in a recent litter, might be a Guinness contender for world's smallest puppy. At 163 grams, the other puppies in the litter are around 400 grams, its mouth is too small to feed from its mother and has to be fed with a syringe or spoon.

    Bernard Weil/Toronto Star via Getty

    Prepare to feel things. A blue-eyed Yorkshire terrier named Angel, born roughly five weeks ago along with a litter of larger pups, weighs just 163 grams, or the average weight of a single banana. Angel could claim the title of World's Smallest Dog, a local vet said, but she needs to be at least one year old to qualify. And get this: her mouth is too tiny to suckle, so she needs to be fed with a baby spoon. Dying now.

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