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    Teachers Flip Out Over 'Hump Day' Ad

    A camel stands in front of the Khafre pyramid, at the historical site of the Giza Pyramids, near Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2013. Due to the country's violent turmoil, some flights that can carry more than 100 passengers from Europe arrive with just nine and return full from beach resorts. In a statement released Monday, the chairman of the Egyptian Airports Co. said Egypt will likely see an even steeper decline in the number of visitors by next month.

    Lefteris Pitarakis/AP

    You can't even make a commercial with a camel these days. The Geico Hump Day commercial, which has gotten over 15 million hits on YouTube, has been a causing teachers and parents in Vernon, Connecticut major stress. Apparently, middle school students have become so obsessed with the commercial that "everybody's walking around in the hallways and saying it's hump day in that weird voice," said one student. The school's superintendent called the ad disruptive and one parent agrees that it's "getting out of hand."

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