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    Bizarre Disease Melting Starfish

    This undated photo released by the Rocky Intertidal Lab at the University of California-Santa Cruz shows a starfish suffering from "sea star wasting disease" - it's missing one arm and has tissue damage to another. Marine scientists are finding a large number of dead starfish along the West Coast stricken with the disease that causes the creatures to lose their arms and disintegrate. The affliction causes white lesions to develop, which can spread and turn the animals into "goo," and has killed up to 95 percent of a particular species of sea star in some tide pool populations. "They essentially melt in front of you," said Pete Raimondi, chairman of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at University of California, Santa Cruz's Long Marine Lab. (AP Photo/Laura Anderson, Rocky Intertidal Lab UC Santa Cruz)

    Laura Anderson/AP

    A disease scientists are calling “spooky” is dismembering a record number of starfish and then melting their tissue until the sea creatures are turned into slime. It’s called “star wasting disease” and has never spread as widely as it is now along the West Coast. In one tide pool in Santa Cruz, California, 90 to 95 percent of the starfish community has been wiped out. Marine biologists and ecologists are launching an investigation this week in an attempt to identify the source of the outbreak.

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