Vidal Family Hints at Underage Sex

    Gore Vidal, self-described biographer of America, tackles Teddy Roosevelt, William Randolph Hearst and the nation itself in his latest historical novel, ?Empire,? June 22, 1987. This fifth book in Vidal?s chronicle, ?Empire? covers the last years of President William McKinley and the sudden ascension of Vice President Roosevelt upon his assassination.  (AP Photo/David Bookstaver)

    David Bookstaver/AP

    A snippet in a story about the famed writer Gore Vidal’s will is making headlines. In a New York Times interview, Vidal’s nephew Burr Steers said his uncle was afraid rival William F. Buckley had evidence that he had sex with underage boys, or a “Jerry Sandusky act,” as his half-sister Nina Straight refered to it. Steers told the Times, “It would make sense if that material was about him having underage sex. Gore spent a lot of time in Bangkok, after all. Gore also had a very weird take on the abuse perpetrated by Catholic priests. He would say that the young guys involved were hustlers who were sending signals.” The Times did note that other friends doubted the claims that Vidal had sex with underage men.

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